There are many ways to use private dance lessons to create your first dance for your wedding. For most couples, there are three main approaches. The simplest is to learn how to make slow dancing look and feel good, perhaps add a few moves, how to walk on the floor together, and end with a simple dip. Mara and Justin exemplify this style elegantly with their first dance:

Another way is to learn the basics of a dance to lead and follow the moves you’ve learned, and have a choreographed entrance and a dip at the end. This is a lot of fun, and learning how to dance together is something you can do with each other for the rest of your lives. It also takes off the pressure of having to learn an entire routine. A beautiful example of this kind of dancing is from one of my couples, Lindy and Kenrick, here:

We can also create a completely choreographed number. It can be simpler with certain parts repeated or more complicated, depending on what you want. Below is an amazing example danced by Curtis and Shirley:

Helen and Ivo dance a fun and fabulous swing routine I choreographed to Sing Sing Sing:

Overall, the more polished you want to look and the more choreographed the number, the more time it generally takes.