Working with couples on their first dance is one of my specialties and something I enjoy creating together. Even if you’ve never danced before I can make your first dance a comfortable and fun experience. Along with private instruction for your first dance, I can teach mini-group lessons for your bridal party and even teach a dance lesson for your guests at your reception to get everyone up on the dance floor.

Take a look at some testimonials from my students about their wedding dance lessons:

Lindy & Kenrick


photo by Jamie Bosworth

“Angie was a true pleasure to work with as a private dance instructor. We’re probably the reverse of most couples…my husband has dance experience and was way more game for the lessons than I was. I wanted to take lessons, but I didn’t have any experience, couldn’t follow a lead, and tend to get easily frustrated. Angie was wonderful and patient and had such a sweet way of working with me so I didn’t feel stupid and clumsy when I struggled to find my rhythm and comfort level with dancing.

We had so much fun working with Angie. We did one section of actual choreography at the very beginning, including a lift, which I never thought I’d be able to do. In the end, the dance went really well, and was a real highlight of our big day for our guests and for us.

Besides the great results, I loved the lessons and the time that we spent together as a couple. It felt like it was a special part of the process of getting married to work on this project together and learn how to dance together. Angie created a wonderful environment for us to experience the process, and made the experience really special for us. We’re so glad we set aside the time to take lessons, and we really loved working with her. We highly recommend her!”

Amy & Marco


” Photo by

“We were just thinking about you! The wedding was awesome! I remember being so nervous before our 1st dance and we missed the very 1st beat after walking on and I just cracked up laughing.. it was so sunny out we forgot to take off our sunglasses but I think it helped hide our “mess up” expressions… The crowd seemed to like it (sure beats watching people dance badly to a slow song- lol); and one of the waiters came up to me later and said it was cool and that he had never seen a couple do an actual dance like that before. I miss our lessons! 🙂  Hope all is well!”

Gwen and Andrew


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“Our dance was a huge success (!) and we had so much fun and all the guests were blown away with our moves. They specifically commented on how happy we looked the entire time during our first dance.

Thanks again for all your help – the dance and the lessons are memories we will treasure forever.”

Anita and Matt


Photo by Roberto Concepcion

“Angie is a wonderful dance instructor. Neither of us knew anything about dancing, but we knew we wanted to learn a tango. Angie’s love of dance is clearly evident as she was full of enthusiasm at each of our lessons and her energy was contagious. Angie not only choreographed our dance, but also taught us the moves in 30 second increments. Given that we had no idea what we were doing and that we had 4 left feet between the two of us, this was incredibly helpful as we were able to learn the steps slowly and carefully. She took video recordings of each lesson from both partners’ perspectives so that we would have something to reference when we were practicing at home. Angie was incredibly patient with us during the entire process even as we made many mistakes. Her constant encouragement motivated us to practice almost daily and to do our best for our next lesson. Angie’s positive reinforcement teaching techniques helped us stay on track and continue learning. She was able to explain complicated dance steps in ways that made sense to us. She was flexible with her schedule which allowed us to meet her both at the dance studio and her private home studio. Angie even made time to have a one-on-one dress rehearsal with me to ensure that I would be able to move in my wedding dress the way we had practiced during the lessons. Angie is a highly skilled dancer and teacher. She is also a warm and friendly person who makes learning to dance a comfortable and truly fun experience. In the end, our first dance went very well and our guests all enjoyed the performance. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher, Angie! It was such a pleasure dancing with you.”

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