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Private Dance Lessons

What is the difference between private dance lessons and group dance classes?

The main purpose of group classes is to learn new steps or patterns. You have the opportunity to practice what you learn with different partners to become a better social dancer.  You can meet new people and get the benefits of exercise.

Private lessons give you one-on-one instruction and personal attention. They are tailored to meet your specific goals and desires. Private lessons teach you more technique to improve the look and feel of your dancing and you are able to learn at your own pace.

Good reasons for private dance lessons

  1. Help beginners to formulate good foundation skills
  2. Experienced dancers can further their skills quickly
  3. Individual help with technique
  4. More flexibility to fit your schedule
  5. Prepare for special events, like weddings or corporate parties
  6. Competition dancers can get help on choreography, coaching and technique

Are private dance lessons expensive?

Private dance lessons may seem more expensive than group classes, but private lessons accelerate your learning much more so than a group class. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to get the same depth of information and experience in a group class as you can get working one-on-one  with a good teacher.

Group Dance Classes

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Group classes are a great way to learn new skills together and meet new people. They are also very affordable.  I teach beginning and intermediate/advanced classes though Kaiser’s Health Education Department in Daly City on Monday evenings.  Beginning class is 6:45-7:45pm and the Intermediate/Advanced class is 7:45-8:45pm. These classes are open to both Kaiser and non-Kaiser members.  The cost is only $30 for a 4 week class for Kaiser members and $40 for non-members.  We cover a different dance each month.  Please call the Health Education Department at 650-301-4445 to register.

Hosting Parties and Special Events

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Along with teaching private dance lessons and group dance classes, I am available to host dance parties, which is tons of fun. I can teach group lessons, give a professional dance performance, dance with guests, and/or play various dance music.

Contact me here for more information and pricing!