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I have been studying swing, latin, and ballroom dance since since I was 12, and teaching since 1994. Teaching and sharing my enjoyment of dance with other people is extremely rewarding for me. I like teaching a variety of people, from those who are first starting out, to the more advanced dancer and those interested in competition. I teach social dance lessons as well as competitive dancing. I especially love teaching wedding dance lessons to help wedding couples with their first dance, and other dance related wedding arrangements.

I have been certified as a professional dance instructor by:

  • Terpsichore Association
  • NDCA (National Dance Council of America)
  • DVIDA (Dance Vision International Dancers Association)
  • USISTD (United States International Society of Teachers of Dance)


Tori and Stew

Tori and Stew“So nice to hear from you, and thanks for your note before the wedding, too! We just got back, so we are still catching up a bit.  In the meantime, here are a few pics of dancing together. My updo didn’t make it through the some extra-dramatic slams in dance #1, but it ended up looking even better down than up – a happy accident! We had a blast dancing together, and our guests loved it, too. Dancing together was absolutely a highlight of the wedding. Thank you so much for giving us the skills and confidence to pull it off!

All the best, Tori”

Eric Meub

“Angie makes it very clear where to concentrate my practice. She develops routines that teach me not only new moves but different ways to lead. She teaches me what it feels like to be led, and then guides me through the moves to help me with “muscle memory.” Her focus on technique is an art in itself. She has the uncanny ability to notice everything! Angie will take you as far as you want to go in terms of perfecting your form and confidence. But what makes Angie so special is the vitality that she brings to each lesson. I look forward to classes with Angie like I have looked forward to no other teacher before. She is testimony to positive reinforcement. Regardless of what I’ve messed up, she finds the positive elements to build on and gently corrects (with infinite patience) the myriad elements that need work. Angie puts so much into her students: she organizes events, helps students find practice or dance partners, assists with all the novel hurtles that confront the dance beginner… the list goes on. In short, Angie is truly a dedicated partner in one’s dance education. And, needless to say, she’s a joy to dance with!”

Annie and Seth

“Everything was incredible and it truly was the best day of our lives! I attached photos from our first dance…we owe it all to you! The band turned out to be incredible and we got so many compliments on our dancing;) But best of all, we had a great time doing it! We can’t thank you enough for all of your instruction. We had SO MUCH FUN taking lessons from you and had a blast with our first dance at the wedding.

All our best,
Annie and Seth

ps. My parents took dance lessons in CT for our wedding and I went with them one night when I was back in CT the week before the wedding so that I could get a quick lesson with my Dad…let me tell you , there is no one like you when it comes to dance teachers!!! You are the best!”

Leonel “LEO” Bello

City College of San Francisco


“As an educator I strive to keep things simple and make the connection. Anyone can say that learning is possible, but Angie honestly demonstrates and teaches how to make dancing simple and that makes all the difference. Her focus and personal interest in your growth is heartfelt. She helps you set and reach goals. My goal was to dance a competition. I went from having no idea what to do, to dancing in my first competition in just months. Not only an incredible learning experience, but a wonderful exchange of purpose.”

“Thank you Angie for your part in educating and supporting me to accomplish this. Your personal touch is immeasurable and I look forward to many more competitions in the future.”

James L. Schaefer


“Angie is a sensational dance teacher and her love of dance is immediately apparent the minute you meet her! I have been her student for approximately several years and have had a wonderful experience. I still remember my early classes with her. I could not have been more unsure of myself. Naturally, I was certain that I was that one student that Angie would not be able to teach. Her patience and encouragement were essential in me gaining confidence and continuing to improve. Angie continues to teach me International Latin and American Rhythm, and I recently began American Smooth. Angie’s enthusiasm is contagious, so much so that I have participated in dance performing groups, and have started to compete with Angie in pro-am competitions. Her personal warmth and genuine interest in wanting her students to learn the joys of dancing make her an excellent teacher. Whether a group class or private lesson, learning to dance with Angie is great fun!!”

Sarah Cathryn Barbulesco


“I first met Angie when I was a little baby dancer (as Angie would say). I was fifteen and taking my first ballroom dance lessons ever. She was there the first night I went to the studio and, as I grew to know her better, she became one of my favorite parts of going to dance. Whenever my friends and I were driving to class, we would always look for Angie’s car in hopes that she would be teaching that night’s group lesson.

Angie is someone who has taught me the true meaning of the phrase “Dance is joy.” Under her tutelage, I have learned that dance is more than movement; it is a way of life. When I dance, no matter what else is happening, I can be free and light. All that matters is my own connection to my body and soul. Angie is the type of teacher who brings that peace and self-confidence out in her students. Though a very serious and talented competitor herself, she always remembers to make her dancing fun.

I would recommend her on her high credentials and skill but, most of all, on her spirit and love for what she does. If you want a teacher who will reach down and pull out the dancer in your heart, Angie Major is the instructor for you. She’ll set you on the path to being the best dancer you can be while making the journey along the way a memorable and euphoric one.”

Don Revelo


“I’ve taken ballroom dancing a number of years from several instructors and I can truly say that Angie Major is a TERRIFIC instructor. Not only does she understand the fundamentals and technical aspects of ballroom extremely well, but more importantly, she knows how to break down technique based on the experience and dancing ability of her student. Perhaps most important of all is that Angie makes her dance lessons FUN. She puts her students at ease and makes it apparent that she’s working for their benefit, not hers. I’d recommend Angie to anyone interested in doing ballroom and dancing with a GREAT partner.”

Rachel Windom & Todd Stengel

“…many, many thanks for a dance incredibly done! We had a blast on our wedding day – and this dance was epic!!”

Denise & Jon Wank

“We smiled the whole way through! We just had to send a picture to show you how much fun we had during our first dance. Thank you for the great moves and being so patient with us. We really enjoyed working with you. Thanks!”]

Adam Lasnik

“I’m having such a blast dancing now, and I never would have stuck with it if it hadn’t been for you, Angie. You provided the warm encouragement and friendly push that I needed, and that made all the difference. Thank you!”


photo by Jose Marchequo

photo by Jose Marchequo

Although I graduated from Sonoma State University with a degree in chemistry, I chose instead to pursue my dream of dancing. My teaching career began in 1994 in the North Bay and I have ever since enjoyed teaching students of all levels, from beginners to those wishing to compete.

I received my teaching degree in American style dances from the Terpsichore Association, the USISTD, and DVIDA. In 1999 I started teaching in San Francisco. I give private dance lessons in all styles of dance both at the Metronome in SF and in Pacifica. I also teach at weddings, corporate events and private parties. As a former Master Teacher for the Ballroom Dance Teachers College, I have also trained aspiring teachers and prepare them for their exams.

From 1999 through 2007 I competed in the Professional American Style Rhythm division with my professional partners. Competing and performing not only brings me tremendous satisfaction and enjoyment, but is the best way to improve my own dancing. I was a featured dancer in “Swing, the Movie” which came out in 2003 and is available on DVD. That same year I danced in KQED’s “Big Band Magic.” I have performed in numerous shows from small events and parties to onstage at San Francisco’s Cowell Theater and at the Napa Valley Opera House. A member of the DecoBelles, a group which performs vintage dance routines, I was crowned “Miss Art Deco” in 2006 by the Art Deco Society of California.

In 2003 I co-founded DancEvents, a business that assists companies and individuals in hiring dancers to teach corporate dance classes and perform at corporate events and private parties. Check out www.YourDancEvents.com.

Teaching is very satisfying because dance offers benefits to everyone — increased confidence, improved physical shape, satisfaction in learning something new, grace, and most importantly, fun. I feel blessed to share with others the joy of dancing.